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The cosmetics from the sea

Limitless marine benefits

Thanks to our many years of experience researching and working with marine extracts, we at bleu & marine Bretania are convinced that the sea harbors cosmetic and therapeutic capabilities as infinite as its horizon. Our philosophy, based on thalassotherapy, stems from our innate love for the sea ecosystem and its preservation. 

Blending tradition and modernity

With its origins in the Brittany region, bleu & marine Bretania has been responsible throughout its history for optimizing the union between the exquisiteness characteristic of French cosmetics and the respect and admiration towards the marine environment. For the elaboration of our products we use the latest technological advances in the cosmetics sector and combine them with traditional extraction procedures that have proven to be highly effective at preserving the maximum nutritional properties of our ingredients. We conduct ourselves according to the elemental values that represent our brand, which are presented below:




We partner with a multitude of suppliers throughout Europe carefully handpicked in order to obtain the best ingredients for our products

Our partner laboratories ensure that we are at the forefront of the latest discoveries and applications in the natural cosmetics field

We care about minimizing the environmental impact of the manufacture of our products in order to preserve the well-being of nature

If you are willing to find out more about us or our products, do not hesitate to contact us here

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